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21 Kapellgasse
Luzern, LU, 6004

041 541 50 75

Slings Faszien

Mit Pilates in der Gruppe; Faszientraining Verspannungen und Schmerzen lösen, Energiefluss anregen, Stabiliät, Kraft und Flexibilität steigern

What is Fascia?

Fascia are all of the collagenous-based soft-tissues in the body.  Fascia meet very different tasks: from the soft connective tissue to the Lumbar fascia that transmit large mechanical forces. Therefore they are responsible for giving the entire musculoskeletal system a firm structure and the necessary power.  

For a long time, the fascia could not be shown visually and were thought to be irrelevant.  However, recent research has shown the importance of fascia, and that they are sometimes the cause of painful conditions that could not previously be explained.   



Interresting film about fascia:

What IS Slings faszien training

Myofascial Training is based on up-to-date scientific information, integral anatomy and draws on various movement practices as well as specific bodywork techniques. It is suitable for different types and levels of training and can be adapted to individual skill levels.

The clearly sequenced training is executed on a mat or with the STOTT PILATES equipment. With the help of different kinds of balls, one can optimize blood and oxygen circulation as well as body awareness. Slow and focused exercises alternate with rhythmic, energetic moves, thus improving movement flow and coordination along with dynamic stability, strength and flexibility. Gliding movements as well as specifically applied pressure and self-massage exercises increase energy flow and get into those pesky, hard-to-get-to areas of tension.

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