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21 Kapellgasse
Luzern, LU, 6004

041 541 50 75

Who benefits

Prenatal Training, Postnatal Training, Pregnancy Training, After Birth Training, Pilates for Athlethes, Dancer, active Seniors

During pregnancy / Postnatal training 

When a woman is pregnant, the body goes through many changes. It is important to stay fit and remain flexible. Pilates Studio Luzern accompanies you through this pregnancy journey, allowing you to feel fit and healthy and to be well prepared for the birth of your child. 

We also offer optimal training for women after birth. The pelvic floor and the abdominal muscle, which have been overstretched during pregnancy, can be activated and strengthened so that you can recover safely and quickly. 

If you do Pilates regularly during and after your pregnancy, you can obtain your original form very quickly. 

  • Improves strength and flexibility

  • Prevents varicose veins, haemorrhoids and back pain

  • Helps with fatigue and mood swings

  • Improves the body posture

  • Safe and efficient postnatal training



No matter what kind of sport you do, either at professional level or amateur level, Pilates Studio Luzern has the ideal complement to your training that suits your needs and helps you achieve  your athletic goals safely and quickly 

  • Increases endurance, coordination and balance

  • Increases strength, flexibility and agility

  • Relieves stress and tension

  • Improves recovery after training

Active seniors

Everyone wants to remain in good shape as they grow older.  Poor posture, limited mobility and chronic pain need not be accepted as an inevitable part of the aging process. Pilates Studio Luzern will gladly help you to stay fit and active.


  • strengthens both body awareness and self-confidence

  • improves balance and coordination

  • strengthens muscles and joints

  • increases the energy level and refreshes the mind

  • prevents injuries

FOr men and women

No matter what fitness level you have, Pilates Studio Luzern offers every man and woman the optimal training.

First, we analyse your condition then we  work out a training plan to meet your needs and goals. 


  • strengthens abdominal and back muscles

  • improves posture

  • improves agility

  • enhances performance in sport

  • refreshes the mind

  • increases energy level

  • prevents injury

  • increases body consciousness and self-awareness

  • helps with weight loss / enables weight stabilization